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Choose Departing Schedule: Knoxville, TN to New York, NY

Departure Arrival Bus Operator Schedule ID Features Price/Person Bus Stop
9:30PM 10:00AM Tennessee Travel 611-820 Features $110.00
Location Arrives Departs Carrier Meals/Rest Stop Schedule Bus Stop
(START) - Knoxville 10:00AM 9:30PM GLI Yes 820
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New York

Get tickets that go for as low as $60 when you make an online booking at since our overnight routes ensure that you pay low rates for your ticket. This particular route takes you from Knoxville, TN to New York, NY with the departure time set for 9:30pm and the departure location set for 8509 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919. There are also other available routes at discounted rates on the link provided.

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