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Istanbul -Turkey - One of the Most Beautiful Cities of the Muslim Countries

I used to wonder why the name of Istanbul came up every now and then when people talked about tourist attractions but then I had the opportunity to visit this splendid city and I never questioned it again. This city has something for everyone – and don’t let the title confuse you, it might be in a Muslim country but it is as western as it can b

The Vibrant Cultural City of Palermo Sicily - Italy

When someone talks of Italy, the first name that comes to your mind is definitely Venice, or maybe Rome itself. However, there are many other places that are so stunningly beautiful that one can only stop and stare. For instance, the city of Palermo in Sicily, which has been standing tall since over 2,750 years! Touched with culture that is

Penang - Why is Malaysia Truly Asia

Penang, often known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is the name of a state in Malaysia as well as an island. It is one of the most developed states in Malaysia. It is also very famous as a tourist attraction. The weather in Penang is sunny throughout the year, except for the rainy season, which lasts from May to September. The local population is

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