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Berlin is the capital city of Germany. With a population of 3.5 million, it is the largest city of Germany. Located in the northeast part of Germany on River Spree, it has a temperate seasonal climate. One third of its area is covered in forest, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. History: Settlements started in this area around 1192, with

Thanksgiving day special bus tours - Making thanksgiving day parade easier to navigate

How many of us have switched on the television, seen the Thanksgiving Day Parade and resolved to go one day? Well, maybe it's time to turn that wishful thinking into actual action! The Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of New York's biggest events. About 3.5 million people turn up to watch the parade first hand. Around 8,000 people participate in

Travel to Rome

Rome is a place for those yearning for spiritual release, for those who love history and for those, as well who are neither. You have completed your planning and costing of the trip and it is worth everything you have put into it. The Pantheon The Pantheon is truly breath taking. It is a perfect example of the Romans’ architectural skills

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