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USS Midway Museum- An Interesting Spot for Your Upcoming Holiday!

Who doesn’t love visiting museums, especially when they are crazy about traveling? Well, it’s not necessary that everyone has to love them but what if a museum is not situated on land? Isn’t it something that would pique the interest of any adventure lover? By not situated on land, I don’t mean it’s located on a cloud or underwater, but somethi

Garden of the Gods - A Spot You Won’t Ever Forget!

  Located in Colorado Springs, today what is known as the Garden Of The Gods, actually culminated from a geological turmoil about a million years ago. The history of this Garden can be traced back to 250 B.C. when it used to be one of the most preferred places of the Native American people for camping purposes. The people back then, dep

Explore the Paradise in the Exotic Philippine Sea

The Northern Mariana Islands are composed of around 14 islands out of which just three are inhabited-Saipan, Tinian and Rota. The largest of these particular islands is Saipan, which is just five miles away and southwest of Tinian and Rota. These islands are great for indulging in outdoor activities like golf and it even has ocean front courses

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